10 Tips to Help You Smell Better & Get Compliments


Do you ever get a whiff of yourself and think – yikes, I could use some work in the scent department? Hey, don’t sweat it (pun intended)! Lots of us deal with body odor issues. The good news is, you can make simple tweaks to smell fantastic.

In this post, I’ll share 10 easy tips to help you smell your absolute best. Put a little effort into your daily routine, and you’ll be shocked by the difference. People will be begging to know your secret. Let’s dive in!

1. Shower Daily, It’s a Must

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but showering daily is non-negotiable for smelling fresh. When you wake up, your body has been marinating in sweat all night – gross but true. A morning shower rinses away all that sweat and bacteria.

Lather up with soap from head to toe every time. Pay extra attention to sweaty spots like your pits, feet and private parts. A daily rinse leaves you squeaky clean.

2. Use Antiperspirant – It’s Not The Same as Deodorant

Here’s a little-known fact – antiperspirant is the MVP for combating BO. It stops sweat, while deodorant only masks odor. Look for an antiperspirant with aluminum zinc. This stuff blocks your sweat glands from producing pit moisture.

After your morning shower, slide on the antiperspirant. Read the instructions – some need time to fully activate. Reapply during the day if you sweat a lot. No more pit stains!

3. Scrub Your Feet, Yep Your Stinky Feet

Feet might seem low on the priority list, but they sweat – a lot. All that moisture breeds bacteria and odor. Soap up your feet every morning in the shower, especially between the toes.

Also use a pumice stone or foot scrubber to slough off dead skin and calluses. Your feet will look and smell so much better.

4. Mind the Private Parts

Your privates need TLC to stay fresh. Moisture and sweat gets trapped down there, leading to some not-so-pleasant scents.

Gently clean your private parts with a mild, unscented soap daily. For the ladies, avoid fragranced soaps that can disrupt your pH. Wear breathable undies and skip the panty liners when you can.

5. Go Fragrance-Free

Here’s an insider tip – ditch the clone fragrances products. Shampoos, lotions and soaps with synthetic fragrances can actually cause odor issues.

Your best bet is Clone Fragrances -free everything – deodorant, body wash, laundry detergent. Then add your own scent with a natural essential oil if you want. Your true scent will shine through.

6. Hydration is Key

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and smell. When you don’t drink enough water, toxins build up and cause funky odors.

Keep water on hand and sip throughout the day. Try using a reusable bottle as a reminder. Drinking water flushes the bad stuff out.

7. Lemon Up Your Water

For an extra cleansing boost, add lemon to your water. The citric acid helps flush out toxins that lead to odor. It also aids digestion and prevents odor-causing buildup.

Drink warm lemon water first thing when you wake up on an empty stomach to maximize benefits. Just squeeze in half a lemon. But brush your teeth afterward to avoid enamel damage!

8. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Fun fact – your diet directly correlates with how you smell. Chowing down on fresh produce actually makes you smell sweeter. Fruits and veggies contain antioxidants that neutralize odor-causing compounds.

Load your plate with citrus fruits, leafy greens, cucumber, celery, melons and berries. Avoid heavily processed foods when possible. You’ll be a walking fruit salad!

9. Take It Easy on the Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol can absolutely trigger BO. As the alcohol leaves your body, it releases toxins and causes odors. It also dehydrates you and decreases circulation.

Stick to moderate drinking and alternate with water. Avoid overdoing it with binge drinking. The hangover BO struggle will be real. Moderation prevents embarrassment!

10. Don’t Smoke!

You already know smoking is bad for your health. But lighting up also causes body odor issues. The chemicals stick to your hair and clothes and alter your natural scent.

If you currently smoke, make a plan to kick the habit. You’ll smell better and reap a ton of other health benefits too. Your breath, hair and clothes will thank you!

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